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    Before Kazari opened, one of the primary concerns we had with the concept of selling fish for sushi, was how to best help those customers that are unfamiliar with how to make sushi. 

    Amongst other things, we promised ourselves that the instructions included in each sushi kit would not be longer than one A4 page. Despite our best efforts, we failed. The instructions included when you order sushi online actually cover two sides of A4, although this is double sided; so while we half kept our promise, we also realised our task might have been impossible without resorting to squeezing 1450 words in size 6 font.

    The obvious solution was to make easy to follow videos, although given our dampened confidence after the one-page instructions, combined with the fact that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of online videos online already, we have decided instead to make an elite archive of videos on how to make sushi. So for this post, we are going to include what we think are the Internets best sushi making videos. One video for each different type of common sushi.

    The best part about this blog post is that it will be dynamic. If you know of a better video for a certain type of sushi, please post it in the comments section and if we agree or it gets enough support, we will replace it!

    Now make sushi! 


    Temaki (Hand roll)
    These are perfect for sushi parties! Simply make a platter from our selection of fish roe and super frozen fish for sushi, then leave the rest to your guests.

    Nigiri (Traditional sushi)
    Try adding a small amount of Tobiko fish roe for sushi between the fish and rice for added texture.

    Futomaki & Hosomaki  (big & small rolls)
    This video shows only a futomaki being made. A hosomaki is similar but smaller, using only half of a nori sheet and one primary filling. The filling can be either fish for sushi, fish roe or a vegetable. 

    Uramaki (Inside out rolls)
    We like this video for its speed and effortlessness. Note that you only use 2/3 of a nori sheet for uramaki. Try decorating the outside with Masago fish roe for sushi.


    Gunkan maki (Battleship Sushi)
    We love this video below. Usually we would expect Uni, Tobiko or Masago fish roe for this sushi. But what about minced Wagyu, Quail egg yoke and Ponzu?

    P.S. We are working on finding a quality supplier of Wagyu beef to add to our range of super frozen fish for sushi....


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