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    Once upon a time we told you that sushi actually had little to do with raw fish for sushi and everything to do with vinegared rice. The word sushi is made up from "su” meaning vinegar and "meshi" meaning rice. The two words combined give us su-shi.

    So does this mean that you can combine anything you like with vinegared rice to make sushi? Well, the answer is yes (if anybody objects please do comment below). This blog post is going to prove just that; we are making beef fillet nigiri.


    300g Sushi Rice
    50g Fresh wasabi
    25g Mayonnaise
    160g beef fillet (Wagyu beef would be best)
    Salt & Pepper
    Olive oil
    Soy Sauce

    Yoshinori Ishii, executive chef at Umu, has commented that the only things you need to make good sushi are good ingredients (Kazari Fish anyone?). We could not agree more, which is why we must insist on using fresh wasabi on top of your beef fillet. Also try to find the best beef you can afford, aged beef will be more tender flavourful. 

    Beef Fillet, Fresh Wasabi and Mayonnaise, not your typical sushi kit. The key three flavours for this sushi.  

    1. Prepare a bowl of ice water and piece of clingfilm large enough to wrap your steak in.

    2. Season the beef with approximately 25% more salt & pepper than you would otherwise. Cover the beef with olive oil, then put into a very hot pan. Cook on each side for 3.5 seconds per cm of steak thickness.  So if you have a steak that is 2cm thick, you would cook for 7 seconds on each side. 

    Finished. After just a few seconds, your beef should look something like this. One could also torch the outside for extra texture., delicious. 

    3. Immediately wrap the steak in clingfilm and submerge into the ice water for 20 seconds. Don’t panic if some water seeps through the clingfilm.  

    4.  Put the beef in the freezer for 1 hour still in the clingfilm (Only 20 minutes if your freezer goes to -65!). This is a good time to make your sushi rice; there is a very small sushi rice making guide at the end of this post.

    5. After the freezing time, slice all of the beef you plan on using. You want to cut the beef in the same way you cut fish for sushi. This means one long stroke using a sharp non-serrated knife at an angle that is 20 degrees relative to the chopping board. By cutting at an angle instead of strait down, your slice will have a larger surface area.  Cut each slice to be around the length of your index finger.

    6. Wet your hands, then squeeze a number of balls of rice into your hands until you have a matching number of beef slices and rice balls. Carefully add the slices of beef on top of the rice. (For a video on how to make nigiri the traditional way, see these videos).

    7. Dab your finger in soy sauce then run along the length of the beef.

    8. Grate the fresh wasabi, and mix with mayonnaise using a wasabi: mayonnaise ratio of 2:1. 

    9. Enjoy immediately so that the rice is still warm and the meat is cold. 

    Finished. Fresh wasabi compliments good steak like nothing else, delicious. 

    Maybe we should do a Wagyu beef sushi kit. Please share if you like what you see! 


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