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  • Lots of new products!

    We have been woefully absent in our blog so far this year for which we are very sorry. However, we have been tremendously busy and as promised have quite a few new and exciting products to unveil over the coming days, including plenty of new fish for sushi. 

    Even better, many of the products from our new range have, until now, been unavailable in the UK, so we are very excited to show off our new products!

    To begin with, we will start with a couple of less exciting products in this blog post, after which we will unveil a few new species of fish that are available for making sushi tomorrow. Both are essentials if making a sushi feast, namely big bags of Miso Paste to make Miso Soup and some elegant Silky Bonito Flakes / Katsuobushi to make dashi.

    Traditional miso soup is made from dashi (Bonito Flakes and kombu) mixed with miso paste, so introducing these two products is quite fitting!

    Keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the coming week, lots of fish to make sushi is coming!


    Buy Red Miso Paste Here



    Buy Katsuobushi Silky Bonito Flakes Here


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