• Bluefin Tuna (akami)


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  • Description

    Currently the most prized fish in sushi, Bluefin Tuna for sushi comes in three cuts:

    • "Akami", which is the reddest and most lean part. Similar to Yellowfin Tuna(this product)
    • "Chutoro", which is the cut with a medium amount of fat in.
    • "Otoro", which comes from the belly and is the fattest part. Similar to Hamachi.

    Traditionally akami was the most desirable Tuna cut, although today it is otoro which is in vogue. Chutoro gives the best of both worlds. To understand why Bluefin Tuna for sushi is super frozen, read our blog post here.  

    We will never accept Bluefin tuna that has been smoked or processed with Carbon Monoxide to enhance its colour and only use the most prized cuts from the top grades of Bluefin Tuna to make sushi. So buy some Bluefin Tuna from Kazari today!





    Kazari is the UK's only place to buy sushi online to make at home. All of our fish is super frozen fish for sushi and sashimi and is ready prepared to make sushi. 

    All weights are given as ± 10% and should be consumed within two days of delivery. Please note that unlike traditional fishmongers, our prices are given as ready to eat skinned fillets that typically only make up 30-50% of a fishes weight. We may also include a sashimi slice of your chosen fish to bring the fillet up to weight.


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