• Marinated Mackerel (Shime Saba) Fillets サバ


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  • Description

    Mackerel is a delicious full flavour traditional fish used to make sushi with a silky oily texture. Due to its rapid degradation, Mackerel was traditionally marinated (Shime) as a method to preserve and tighten its loose oily flesh before super freezing techniques for preserving frozen fish for sushi where possible. Nevertheless we still respect and enjoy the ancient techniques used for this fish and use our own secret recipe to marinate our fresh mackerel before becoming super frozen fish.

    Please note that while we endeavour to remove all bones form our mackerel sushi fillets, some may remain. Also note that if you have not tried Shima Saba before, it has a very strong flavour.


    Kazari is the UK's only place to buy sushi online to make at home. All of our fish is super frozen fish for sushi and sashimi and is ready prepared to make sushi.  

    All weights are given as ± 10% and should be consumed within three days of delivery. Please note that unlike most fishmongers, our prices are given as ready to eat skinned fillets from which a fish only yield between 30-50% of their whole weight. We may also include a sashimi  slice of your chosen fish to bring the fillet up to weight.

    Serving Suggestion

    The strong oily flavour is already complimented by the slightly sour vinegar flavour added as part of the marinating process. Enjoy towards the end of your sushi meal.

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