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    Our farmed Atlantic Salmon for sushi has a distinct bright orange flesh, which is possibly the most common and easily recognisable sight found in western sushi bars. When it comes to making sushi, Salmon has almost become a staple ingredient due to its rich texture that can be enjoyed by itself, or as a host for other exciting flavours and textures such as tobiko fish roe

    Kazari is the UK's only place to buy sushi online to make at home. All of our fish is super frozen fish for sushi and sashimi and is ready prepared to make sushi. All fish weights are given as ± 15% and should be consumed within two days of delivery. We may also include a sashimi slice of your chosen fish to bring the fillet up to weight. 


    *Kazari recommend at least 125g of fish per person*


    Available for purchase in 2 options:

    Top Loin (Ideal for Sashimi & Nigiri)

    Bottom Loin & Belly (Ideal for Sashimi & Nigiri)



    Serving Suggestion 


    Unlike the rest of the world, the Japanese traditionally didn’t eat salmon raw until recently and would instead choose to grill or salt it. Try as sashimi topped with a light blue cheese and miso puree. Alternatively sear the salmon fillet then serve as sashimi topped with a reduced combination of soy sauce, sesame oil and freshly squeezed citrus juice. 


    Rainbow Sushi Roll Recipe (Includes Salmon)


    Te Mari Sushi (Includes Salmon)


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  • Buy Super Frozen Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Fish To Make Sushi Sashimi.
  • Buy Super Frozen Atlantic Salmon Sashimi Fish To Make Sushi Nigiri.

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