• Steamed Shrimp Prawn x4 エビ


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  • Description

    Our steamed EBI prawn shrimp are a user-friendly sushi ingredient perfect for making sushi nigiri or tempura and are a particularly familiar sight in sushi bars around the world.



    Kazari is the UK's only place to buy sushi online to make at home. All of our fish is super frozen fish for sushi and sashimi and is ready prepared to make sushi.  

    N.B. Unlike most of our frozen fish products, Kazari receives these steamed shrimp ready prepared. All fish should be consumed within two days of delivery. 

    Serving Suggestion

    Enjoy the entire shrimp including the tail for a refreshing contrast in textures. Alternatively make Nigiri with an unseen layer of Tobiko fish roe between the rice and Ebi.  


    Rainbow Sushi Roll Recipe (Includes Steamed Shrimp)

    *Please note our packs are ready prepared, pre-steamed & ready for consumption

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