Our Perfect Fish

We source our fish from around the world. From Japan to the Maldives, Norway to China, our connections allow us to provide an exciting range of products that are traditionally difficult to source.

Super Freezing

The term "sushi-grade" fish refers to fish that is suitable and safe for raw consumption. By law, fish for raw consumption must be, “frozen at a temperature of not more than -20°C in all parts of the product for not less than 24 hours”. At Kazari, all fish is super-frozen to -65°C using advanced freezing technology exceeding all EU and FSA requirements and providing the highest quality fish available.

Super freezing is a time-honoured tradition developed by Japanese Bluefin Tuna fishermen. This technique has now been adopted by the world’s most exclusive suppliers and restaurants. By using this technology the deterioration of both texture and colour that would occour in a normal freezer are prevented. You can learn more by reading our blog interview with Tuna importers here. Still not convinced? Try keeping a fresh piece of Tuna in your freezer for a few days and observe what happens to the colour....

What about Fresh Fish?

The belief that fish is at its best just a few hours after bein caught is simply a myth. Your experience of perfect fish is determined by flavour and texture. Unfortunately however, the texture of the fish begins to deteriorate shortly after it is caught. On the other hand, flavour develops at a slightly later stage. This means a compromise between texture and flavour must be found before super freezing; it is this compromise that Kazari is always trying to perfect.

Sushi Grade Fish Video Guide