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  • Description

    Did you know the word "sushi" actually refers to vinegared rice? Not raw fish and fish roe. So don't worry if the thought of using uncooked fish to make sushi gets you feeling uneasy, just use our "No Raw Fish" sushi kit instead. Its packed with all of the usual sushi kit essentials including a delicious Unagi fillet and four sweet sushi Ebi also making it one of our most traditional sushi kits. Complete with easy to follow instructions and at your door inunder 24 hours.

    Kazari is the UK's only place to buy sushi online to make at home. All of our fish issuper frozen fishfor sushi and sashimi and is ready prepared to make sushi.

    Sushi Kit Contents

    • 1x 120g Unagi Fillet
    • 5x Steamed Sushi Prawns
    • 2x Miso Soup Sachets
    • 300g Kazari Sushi Rice
    • 1x Bamboo Rolling Mat
    • 10x Nori Sheets
    • 2x 3g Soy Sauce Sachets
    • 10g Wasabi Paste
    • 190g Yutaka Sushi Ginger
    • 250ml Mizkan Sushi Vinegar (optional extra for £1.30)
    • 500g Yutaka Edamame Soybeans (optional extra for £3.00)
    • Another 120g Norwegian Atlantic Salmon Fillet (optional extra for £3.99)
    What You Could make

    • 2x Shrimp Nigiri
    • 2x Shrimp Temaki
    • 2x Unagi Nigiri
    • 1x Dragon roll <-- this looks & tastes incredible
    • Smoked salmon, blue cheese and avocado uramaki. 
    • 2x Miso Soup
    To make the meal described above you will also need 4x avocados, 2x oranges, 6x tbsp soy sauce, 3x tbsp of rice/sushi vinegar, 1 tsp seasme oil, salt and sugar. If you would like to spoil yourself, also buy some blue cheese and 100g smoked salmon. Of course you don't need to make the above meal, its just a suggestion.  

    All sushi kits are sold for two people. Remember to send Kazari a photo of your meal. We choose our favorite photos every few months and give the winners £50 of Kazari money. 


    All fish weights are given as ± 10% and should be consumed within two days of delivery. Please note that we may often include a sashimi slice of you chosen fish to bring the fillet up to weight.



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